About ClearVite

ClearVite CLA

ClearVite CLA

ClearVite is a hypoallergenic powdered supplement which feeds your detoxification organs what they need to get their work done. It also helps to reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar, increase energy, heal the digestive tract, and provides antioxidant benefits. There are many biotransformation, or detoxification, products on the market and I’ve looked at most of them. None of them compare to ClearVite in purity, quality, flavor, and effectiveness. Apex Energetics, the company that makes ClearVite, continually stays on top of the curve of knowledge and their products represent that, with new products and modifications to existing products being made as new knowledge is obtained.

During the Balanced and Clear program, you will be taking ClearVite daily for the first 3 weeks, beginning with one dose per day, ramping up to two and then three doses before ramping back down again to one dose per day. When finished with the program, many clients ask if they can continue taking ClearVite for maintenance support. To this I say yes. In fact, I take ClearVite most days myself.

Apex makes a few different types of ClearVite. For the Balanced and Clear program, I have chosen to use ClearVite CLA, which uses protein sourced from collagen plus individual amino acids. The collagen in ClearVite may be beneficial for joints, skin, nails, and hair.

ClearVite plays an important role in the Balanced and Clear program. However, if you have sensitivities to any of the ingredients in ClearVite, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or for any other reason cannot use ClearVite, you have other options, including doing the program without ClearVite, or the use of an alternative product. Contact me to discuss your individual situation.