About The Program

What Is Balanced and Clear?



The Balanced and Clear program is a 5-week elimination diet and gentle but thorough whole-body cleanse that focuses on reducing inflammation and clearing the liver’s detoxification pathways. During the program you will be eating healthy foods and taking a detoxification support formula called ClearVite.

The Balanced and Clear program is:

  • A great way to reset your metabolism so you’ll have more energy and shed extra pounds.
  • Brain support at its finest. You won’t believe how clearly you will be thinking in just 5 weeks!
  • A safe and effective way to discover if you are among the 70% of people who have food intolerances dragging them down.
  • A guide to learn what and how you, personally, need to eat in order to feel and look your best. The potential is limitless.
  • A painless method of cutting addictions to sugar and other not-so-healthy foods. Your taste buds will come alive and you’ll really begin to enjoy the rich and varied flavors in the real, whole, simple foods humans were meant to eat. The oversweetened, processed foods of your past will simply lose their appeal.

Most of all, the Balanced and Clear program gives you a healthy, sustainable eating plan that will support long-term healing and have you looking and feeling great!



"Once you’ve completed the Balanced and Clear program, you’ll always know what you need to do to feel great again should you find yourself sliding down that slippery slope toward less-than-ideal eating and feeling kind of bad. This is a real life-changer." ~ Elisabeth D.


Is Balanced and Clear Right For You?


The Balanced and Clear program will take away what is harmful and add in what is needed for optimal health. I can assure you that it is safe and beneficial for just about everyone. Seriously, who doesn’t benefit from taking away junk and adding in healthy foods?

Balanced and Clear can help you…

  • regain control over your health, moods, and weight during those menopausal years.
  • make digestive troubles a thing of the past. Gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and reflux regularly disappear as a result of the Balanced and Clear program. No medications needed.
  • nutritionfind solutions for chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. Food intolerances and toxicity play an enormous role in these difficult conditions. The Balanced and Clear program uncovers and eliminates some of the most frequent triggers, leaving you feeling and functioning better.
  • get your clarity and focus back. Some of the most common comments I hear from graduates are, "I can’t believe how clear my brain is now!" and "I didn’t even realize I had a foggy brain until I completed the Balanced and Clear program and it was gone!"
  • lose your sugar cravings. Imagine passing by the candy dish and not even being tempted! Happens all the time.
  • find a solution for "mystery" problems that doctors haven’t been able to fix. I know that sounds like a bold statement, but here’s the thing: doctors are great at diagnosing, fixing broken things, and prescribing medications. However, they rarely look at what their patients are eating. And diet plays a huge role in many health conditions, especially the chronic, often mysterious ones. So, if you’ve gone to 3 or more docs and you still feel miserable, try Balanced and Clear. I can’t promise you that it will be the answer to all your troubles, but I can tell you that many of my most satisfied clients are people like you.
  • clean up your diet when you want to eat better but don’t know where to start. If you’re eating fast food, macaroni and cheese, and potato chips, and not enough of the good stuff, Balanced and Clear will give you the tools you need to make a successful transition to a diet that works for you. And when you see how great you can feel by eating real, whole, healthy foods, you’ll never want to go back to a junk food diet again!

Here are some special cases to be considered:

  • Children and others who weigh 100 lbs or less can do Balanced and Clear using a reduced dose of ClearVite and sometimes a slightly modified program. Contact me to set up a visit so we can determine if the Balanced and Clear program is right for your child. If so, we can tailor the program to suit his/her needs.
  • Balanced and Clear is extremely safe, however if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should be aware that the ClearVite and Strengtia supplements we use have not been tested for safety during this time in a woman’s life. If you would like to benefit from the Balanced and Clear program but are concerned about using the supplements, one option is to do the program without them. Contact me for pricing and to get started.
  • People who are under the care of a doctor for cancer, kidney disease, or other serious health conditions should talk with their doctor before undertaking any nutritional or supplement program.

All the rest of you: let’s do this!



"For the last 11 years I have been seeing doctors monthly with little help other than meds. The Balanced and Clear program has turned my life around. My fibromyalgia is 99.9% better, my migraines are few and far between, I have energy to play with my child, I am sleeping without medication, and the list continues. I am so thankful for the Balanced and Clear program." ~ Leslie G.


What You Get When You Join

  • Two containers of ClearVite supplement powder (just the right amount to carry you through the five-week program)
  • A high-quality, high-potency, shelf-stable probiotic supplement to support and enhance your cleanse
  • A 20-oz BlenderBottle® perfect for making your ClearVite shakes
  • A lifetime membership in the online Balanced and Clear program membership site, where you will always have access to the following:
    • A color-coded food list, so you know what to eat and what to avoid.
    • Four information-packed recordings in which I will guide you through the Balanced and Clear program, teaching you what to do and what to expect each step of the way.
    • An e-booklet full of great recipes, cooking hints, detoxification support information, and more.
    • A complete menu plan that you can follow if that’s your thing. Recipes included.
    • Monthly special offers available only to Balanced and Clear program members.
    • Inspiring, supportive, and informative email messages while you’re doing the program to help inspire you and keep you on track. (Don’t worry, I am not long-winded and don’t overdo it with the emails.)
    • Free shipping within the continental U.S.
    • An option to take up to 6 months to pay with no interest. Available through PayPal, subject to approval.

Take a video tour of the membership site here.



"The Balanced and Clear program was fabulous. It left me with an energy level I did not know existed, in a habitual good mood, and relieved many autoimmune and digestive problems I was continually struggling with. I would highly recommend the Balanced and Clear program to anyone who wants to feel great, be healthier, and identify potential causes of poor health. Thanks, Susan!" ~ Nicole G.



Susan Barendregt, MNT, BCHN®
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

As a Functional Nutritionist in practice since 2006, I have worked with hundreds of clients with the goal of helping them feel and function better. I started offering the Balanced and Clear program early on in my practice and found such consistently great results that I soon began holding local "cleanse groups". This gave me the ability to help a greater number of people, but they still had to show up for our meetings —    virtually or in person.

This entirely web-based version of the Balanced and Clear program, formerly known as the ClearVite Program, is the latest evolution of my health protocol. Now it is possible for anyone, anywhere to "do the cleanse" at any time. No more scheduling hassles or missed meetings. It can all be tailored to your own schedule. Enjoy!